RSO made at Home

Posted by Educated Alternative on 4/28/21 1:19 PM



All cannabis patients need good medicine. Some need good STRONG medicine. While MO dispensaries can’t provide this yet, our patients and caregivers will prove more than capable of safely doing it themselves, with the right tools and training.


This 4/20 we provided patients a in depth look at the tools and processes that can be used to safely make the highest potency medicines possible, on a budget.


In case you missed it, our own Kyle Kissner was on site at the Cola private lounge and did a live demonstration on how to safely make RSO (Rick Simpson oil,) and the demo is chocked full of knowledge to supplement and further your own medicinal knowledge. You can fast forward to the 37:35-minute mark to get a look at the finished product, otherwise hit play and enjoy the process just like we did.





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