Illinois Medical Patients.....Are You Using Curbside Pick-Up?

Posted by Jose L Gonzalez on 4/1/20 3:08 PM

curbside pick up


While people are doing everything possible to distance themselves from one another there are still places we have to go. Dispensaries are going above and beyond to stay clean but the truth is they have heavy traffic and patients with all different health issues. Illinois is allowing them to do curbside pick-up to help keep patients from having to gather. The dispensary worker must be accompanied by a security guard and the transaction has to be on their property or their shared common area (i.e. public sidewalk in front). Not all dispensaries are providing this service but I'm fortunate enough to use one that does, Midway Dispensary on Archer Avenue in Chicago. To be honest I haven't gone to the dispensary since things have gotten bad, I'm a full time "Cannabis Prepper" so my supply was ready for the pandemic. That coupled with how difficult it's been to find bulk flower, which I rely on most, has slowed my visits to a halt. Today there was bulk product available and this new curbside method so I figured I'd give it a shot, here's how it went.........

  • Ordered online, two 1/4's of shake and 1g of hash
  • Received order confirmation and order ready confirmation within 10 minutes
  • Drove to the dispensary and parked in one of the designated curbside spaces right in front
  • Called inside to tell them I was there
  • Someone came out, confirmed my order and took my patient card inside
  • Came back out within 5 minutes with my card, order and change in hand and set it down on my passenger seat.
  • Back on the road home with medicine in hand, without any physical contact and only one face-to-face interaction with someone outside my passenger window!

The experience was simple and amazing. Now is the time when choosing the right dispensary to get your medicine from is more important than ever. If your dispensary doesn't offer this service ask them to, if they won't then switch. 

Please share your experiences, good or bad, but be respectful!

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